Surfshark Coupon 2019 – 83% off 2 yr deal + secret 75% off code


Surfshark is just about the cheapest VPN in the market. In fact, if you Google a budget VPN, you’ll likely see Surfshark in the results.

Despite what you might think, being cheap and all, it is by no means under speed. In fact, it has more features that you could ever need in a VPN service.

Good news:

Surfshark has just released a coupon code that offers a mind-boggling 83% discount on their 2-year plan.


Now hold on a bit:

Before you go all crazy looking for one on the internet, let me burst your bubble.

You see…this exclusive SurfShark coupon isn’t available for just anyone, you need to have special links with the provider to even offer one.

Cheer up!

In this blog, I’m going to tell you all about the exclusive Surfshark deal and also unravel the 83% off coupon code that you all came here for.

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Why choose Surfshark VPN?


There are tons of reasons to choose Surfshark VPN.

How about the fact it offers extremely fast speeds with over 500 servers across the world. What’s even more impressive is that you get unlimited simultaneous connections on one subscription plan.

Besides that, security-wise Surfshark uses robust AES-256 bit encryption, kill switch, ad blocker, anti-trackers, anti-malware, multihop and a true no logging policy to keep you completely safe and anonymous on the web.

Best of all:

All of these features and more are included in the 83% off Surfshark coupon code.


Does Surfshark Offer a Free Trial?


If you’re looking for a Surfshark trial on your computer, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, at the moment Surfshark only offers free trials on the iOS and Android devices.

Having said that, there is a way you can try out their service on any device without any commitments.


Well, all of their plans come with a full 30-day refund policy. This way you can try out all the features for yourself and if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can always get a full refund

It’s a Win-Win.

Surfshark 2 year exclusive 83% discount deal


Although Surfshark already offers a 71% discount on their 2-year plan, it still doesn’t stand a chance against the 83% SurfShark Black Friday deal 2019 I’m going to reveal later on.

How so…?

Well even with an enormous 71% discount on the 2-year plan, you’ll still be paying $3.49 a month.

Now granted this offer isn’t half bad, however, when you compare it to the exclusive 83% off discount deal, which costs only $1.99 a month, you’ll be blown away by how much you’re actually saving.

  • 2 year plan with a 71% discount retail price: $3.49 / Month.
  • 2-year plan with 83% discount exclusive price: $1.99 / Month.

Surfshark one year 50% discount deal + secret 75% discount code


Now, in my opinion, there’s no reason for you to choose any other plan besides the exclusive deal i mentioned earlier.

However, i do understand different people have different needs.

Good news though:

Even if you choose their one year plan, you can still avail a noteworthy 50% discount. This way you can get the whole one year plan for only $5.99 a month.

Pssst! Want to avail more discount on the 1-year plan?

Use code: “ColumbusDay” and get 75% off on their 1 year plan. Instead of paying $5.99, pay only $2.99 a month.


What more discounts can you possibly need!

1 year plan with 50% discount price: $5.99 / Month.
1 year plan with 75% discount price: $2.99 / Month.

Surfshark monthly plan

Now if you don’t want to avail a discount or perhaps don’t want to commit to a lengthy subscription, that’s okay too.

Surfshark is not that expensive on its own. If you choose their standard 1-month plan, it’ll cost you $11.95, which is not bad considering all the features you get.

But if you ask me, I’ll still go the exclusive 83% off discount offer.

What is the coupon code & how to avail it?

Now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for.

The exclusive coupon code to avail the 83% discount offer is “surfshark83”.

Now you might be wondering, how do you avail this coupon? Well, it’s quite simple actually.
⦁ First head on over to the pricing page of the Surfshark website.
⦁ Now look for an option for the promo code and enter it. Once you enter the code, the price will automatically update to $1.99 a month.

⦁ After that, simply create an account using your email address.

⦁ Finally, select your prefered payment option and checkout.


That’s it, this is how simple it is to avail the exclusive discount deal.

Is there a lifetime subscription available on Surfshark?

Sadly Surfshark isn’t one of those VPN providers that offer a gimmicky lifetime subscription offers.

Instead, they offer only genuine plans with genuine discounts.

Besides, the 2-year exclusive plan is way better than any lifetime subscription you can get.

Other premium VPN providers that are offering coupons

Besides Surfshark, there are other providers that are offering discount coupons as well. Although not as cheap as Surfshark, however, they are definitely worth checking out.

Final thoughts!

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs to get right now.

It’s, fast, reliable, and offers security unlike any other provider in the industry.

Best of all:

It offers insane discounts, basically making it free.

If you want to get major discounts on your next Surfshark subscription, definitely get the 83% off Surfshark coupon.

P.S: don’t forget about the secret one year 75% off coupon code as well.

Happy shoppings!

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